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Who We Are : Ferosh the Label

Ferosh the Label

I have had a love of fashion since I was really young and have always been someone who loved to wear trendy but unique things. I remember people always commenting me asking me where I bought something and that they have never seen it before. I remember always having to shop for hours and still leave the mall with nothing. As time went on it became increasingly more difficult to find something unique but was high quality and affordable as well. Time went on and I became a young stay at home mother. I had always worked hard since I was 15 so being at home so much not working was touch on me. I remember I was online shopping and frustrated not being able to find anything. A lightbulb went off at that moment and I was like "why don't I create my own brand because there has to be millions of women with this same exact problem". It was then and there in 2012 Ferosh was born. The word Ferosh comes from Ferocious. Ferosh the Label is edgy and unique so the name was just perfectly fitting.